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  • Event

    – Masterplan Design
    – Event Operations
    – Signage & Wayfinding

    Masterplan Design

    The first step that goes into making a successful event is creation of a master plan. Approach Media designs event master plans co-ordinating with event officials, participants and organizing committees. As a result, the event is a smooth affair and achieves the desired purpose with all guests receiving the appropriate level of service. We also suggest event themes and design events based on them.

    Event Operations

    We leverage our operations planning and management experience to ensure that the event progresses without a hitch. We offer event operation services ranging from program management to electrical planning to crowd management; co-ordinating staff, schedule, space and activities to form a single, consistent plan.

    Signage & Wayfinding

    Visitors at an event need to find entry points and their way around an event site easily. We offer signage and wayfinding services for events including signage design, fabrication and installation.

  • Exhibition

    – Exhibition Design
    – Fabrication
    – Graphics
    – Logistics & Storage
    – Retail Environments

    Exhibition Design

    We design exhibition stalls with the objective of providing an enhanced brand experience to your stall visitors. Our expert designers create the design with state-of-the-art tools keeping in mind your business need, visitor journey and designated stall space, and then develop this in 3D. Although the exhibition booth is a temporary space, we strive to make it memorable for the visitor, adding to your brand equity and aiding brand recall.

    Exhibition Design
    Visit www.exhibitionstalldesigndelhi.com for recent work.


    We then begin work on the actual stall based on the design. Each part that goes into the stall is prepared meticulously by our team of designers and builders. Fabrication materials and methods are determined based on needs, budget and installation location and could range from wood to metal .

    Exhibition Stand Fabrication


    Our goal is to build every exhibit to match the exhibit design, so every detail of the exhibit is prepared for production by the team of designers and builders at AMPL in our headquarters facility. Fabrication materials and methods are determined based on specific needs, with careful attention to budget and installation location. Whether a display is fabricated from more traditional materials such as wood and laminates, or engineered using aluminum systems, tension fabric, and digital media solutions, the AMPL team is dedicated to delivering the design from the studio to installation with artful precision.

    Direct Mail

    Logistics & Storage

    We ensure secure packaging and timely delivery of your stall components, stall building and methodical dismantling and storage after the exhibition, allowing you to focus on the business objectives of the exhibition.

    Retail Environment

    Approach Media designs retail displays and stores in malls and government spaces such as airports. We create stores in line with your retail vision, on time and within budget. Our designs ensure that your store is ‘the’ place to shop- fun and interesting for the shopper.

    Retail Environment

  • Interior

    – Space Planning
    – Interior Design
    – Contract Furniture

    Space Planning

    Our commercial space planning solutions start with over 8 years of commercial interior design and space planning experience. Using the latest CAD technology, we provide intelligent layouts for your office to maximize your space and budget. We take numerous factors into consideration when designing your space plan such as ventilation, cabling, storage, lighting, acoustics, accessibility, traffic flow, fire safety and many more.

    Space Design

    Interior Design

    Whether your business is building new commercial space or renovating an existing one, our professional office interior design team will bring your ideas to life. With a close focus on sustainable building materials, and intelligent space planning we ensure form and function within your bottom line. Talk with our commercial interior design team about enhancing your workplace environment and workforce performance.

    Interior Design

    Contract Furniture

    We are your resource for top quality contract office furniture for your entire commercial space. From executive office suites and cubicles to waiting rooms and boardrooms, Commercial Interior Solutions can furnish your commercial space affordably. Commercial Interior Solutions has extensive experience in healthcare furniture, carts and nurse’s stations. Contact us to schedule an online consultation to learn more about our selection workstations, panel systems and waiting room furniture. See our recent projects to see examples.